The GOAT on My Stage: MGK’s Week Leading Up to Lil Wayne Collab

During the course of their talk, at the 9:10 mark, the two of them were asked to choose the rapper that they consider to be the best of all time. Trippie chose Young Thug, while mgk chose Lil Wayne:

It is Wayne who is everything. The way he dresses, the tattoos he has, the grills he has, and the punchlines he has are all things that give him star power. He is difficult to beat.

In the video that follows, Sadboy musicians will list their favorite rappers, and you will be able to see them do so. If you have not yet viewed the episode of Weezy titled “GOAT Talk,” you can do so by clicking on the link provided.

Additionally, mgk and Redd were recently seen rapping along to Tunechi’s “Fly In” song, which is featured on the Tha Carter II album. This is related to the previous report.

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