From the Studio to the Trophy Room: A Starstruck [Rapper’s Name] Meets Ronaldo

We know the pair is in a Los Angeles hotel room with mutual pals, but it sounds like an AI software gone rogue.

You can hear Ronaldo sаy ‘Young Money’ in tribute to Wayne in the video below.

Wayne reportedly planned to create a sports management company with Ronaldo as the star athlete.

Ronaldo would use Wayne for all branding and marketing in the US, according to TMZ.

According to one report, Weezy has been interested in sports management and has targeted the Team Portugal stud. They’re pals, not only because he’s a big athlete.”

On Twitter, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner denied it and insisted his team would stay the same.

Ronaldo promoted Euro’s ‘July’ single. At least their gathering had a purpose.

Fans on social media have noted Ronaldo’s discomfort throughout the world icons’ conversation. Watch the whole thing to decide.

Ronaldo laughs a lot, right? Maybe simply smile and wave?

First time in 70 years to sing ‘God save the King’

Commenter: “This is history’s most bizarre moment lol.

Another said, “Ronaldo is fake laughing and thinking ‘I’m never doing this again’.”

A third: “Cristiano moving like me when my friends leave me with people I don’t know at a party.”

Adding, “This is the most GOATED interview ever – how did I not know this s**t existed.”

Wayne founded Young Money APAA Sports in 2016 and signed NFL players.

Ronaldo, a world-class footballer, returns to Manchester United in 2021.

However, he has not scored this season.

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